tHe mOtORolA cONspIraCY

[names and locations have been changed 2 keep the identities of the informants hidden]


i was walking down the street with fleck

a wombat was walking down the street with lord james when the lord stopped in his tracks. it was the first indication 2 the wombat that something was wrong in bitchin' town centre. very wrong. slowly a bin worked its way across the pavement infront of them. it was not just the bin that was moving however it was the hand pulling the bin and the smartly dressed body of the man attached 2 the arm that worried the lord and his unimportant associate. the wheelie bin seemed 2 glide effortlessly across the concrete as though a force was acting upon it. an evil force. a malicious force. the kind of force which would have made luke skywalker break down in2 a blubering mass. it was that evil. the duo concluded that the force was being emitted from the seemingly innocent man pulling the bin. his suit bore a name tag. the name tag bore a name. the name bore the identity of this man. and it read 'john redtree motorola area sales manager'. the two stopped in their tracks and each took a bite from the baguettes which they held. now worried they ran off 2 the relative safety of bitchin' boys school. and never spoke of their encounter until now...


to realise the true significance of this occurance there r a few minor points 2 fill in:

  1. motorola is run by an evil meglomaniac obbsessed with refuse collection units

  2. he will not stop until he controls all of the bins on the planet and possibly those on some of the other planets in the western spiral arm of the milky way

  3. the government has been infiltrated by the 'agents of the bin' and so cannot b trusted

  4. the whole phone thing is just a cunning way 4 the 'bin master' 2 b able 2 afford his expensive hobby

  5. we dont do drugs


to help in any way 2 save our planets bins and those at the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm please contact us on the message board or email us soon we hope 2 extend this site 2 include:

'agent of the bin fighter survival guide'

'looking 4 signs of the bin master'

'specialist equipment 4 dealing with the bin master'

'hardcore porn' [4 the scotsman]

'useful phrases in the AotB fighting world'