encounternounce meets diabolicalism

reports of alien encounters
have been greatly exaggerated in this region

the world outside of my window

a cracked pane of the introspective

other peoples' lives make exciting viewing

urban legends

alternative news therapy

origins of the devil

the gospel of thomas

codex seraphinianvs

the tarragon mystery

zen art

mini blackholes and gravity

(silly silly) super string theory

schrödinger's cat


the uncertainty principle

patterns in the hebrew bible

the omniscience of pi

ebombs and terrorism

bullshit supreme

edgar allan poe and his secret code

what the future holds

my new favourite religion

islamic prophecies

the voynich manuscript


six six six

dimensional awareness

just so you know

for when the tv is lying shattered on the floor

ten examples of drawing half daises

a new codex

a list of past misadventures

nightmares and dreamscapes

if in the future time travel becomes possible perhaps someone will give us a sign within the box below:

we await the message

i dont think i can forgive you

i think i can forget you


"regarding my increasing frustrations at my own and western attitude of human conflict - sometimes i wish i could understand but most of the time i just try and ignore it filling my life with seemingly pointless pursuits."
and other stories

bands extraordinary:
(a top three)




people extraordinary:

mr stanley donwood



mr albert einstein

salvador dali

robert zubrin

j robert oppenheimer

sigmund freud

sites extraordinary:

amazon books

clifford pickover

mr jimmy's magical mystery site

mars direct homepage

we never ask ourselves the answers to the questions that nobody even wants to know

what is quantum entanglement?

is time an illusion?

who was assassinated on the 9th of september 2001?

how can an extra dimension explain paranormal and spiritual occurances?

what sort of person am i?

what happens when a man books into a hotel with an infinite number of rooms occupied by an infinite number of guests?

does the bible contain hidden meaning?

where is my mind?

what is so interesting about mathematical constants?

and vehemently denied

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