there is and probably never will be a map to all the things on the site but in an attempt to clarify exactly what these obscure references link to a small (fits in your pocket) tour guide has been reproduced in full green filtered colour below...

my pictures and random artwork

links to all manner of curious places i've found while surfing the net as well as a few more internal pages dotted around if you'd care to find them

parts scavenged from old sites created deep in the mists of time (or is that midst - hmmm...) it contains, amoungst other things, 'the plant' - a legendary place for many and my first site ever - the original 'myplaceintheworld v1.0' which were full of angst (thank god i grew outta that!)

its just an idea at the moment but you'll see what it is (and there are random references to it around) if i ever put it up...

contains pictures of my dahling mates and quite possibly me if i ever decide to smile - if anyone ever saw the old faces of emotion site the point of it has totally changed as i'm totally over *that* - the old thing is still floating around as a bonus track though!

contains my musings and dreams when i can (a) remember them (b) can be arsed to write them down (in funky html form). i think i have freudian issues to deal with

oh now this is fun if we can ever get it working - its a joint fleck/steve project (which has produced so many great things in the past) concerning some questions which while in the sunrunner we felt should always be included in pub quizzes across the land. oh and we all know the answer to 'kate can you hold this pint?' and who wouldn't?!