we went swimming with a god once. at least i think he was a god. i find it very difficult to tell. dont you think? anyway we were swimming and he said that he wanted to go and play in the fields and straight away as if by magic we were transported 2 a field. on a cloud. in the sky. of a strange planet. i could not breathe the air and so i began 2 choke or asphexiate or something. the god with whom i was friends with [i say was because he moved away 3 years back and i havent spoken with him since] realised my discomfort and so we went back 2 the pool. to further conceal what we had done as i was only 6 and generally 6 year olds are not allowed 2 play in fields on clouds in the skys of different planets he wiped my memory of the whole event so i would not accidently say where i had been in conversation with mother or father. this leads to problems because i do not actually remember this incident i just feel sure it must have happened. if i am so sure about something does this make it REAL?

do you ever believe in something strongly?

and has it ever come true because of your belief?