We at dodotravel (tm) are commited to offering the best service possible. Even if the service is totally ridiculous, has no place in reality and definetly will not occur we will offer it to the highest standard and then charge you for the priviledge. Curiously the amount charged for any service is 11.36 due to a failure in our computer system which has problems with any number higher than 11.3679. If you wish to request a service which, currently, we are not offering please email us dodotravel@aol.com and we will respond. Eventually.

dodotravel (tm) is part of the MEGADODO Corporation and is currently undergoing 1296432 investigations from charges ranging from not providing for services charged, not having any coke cans in the vending machine and not paying taxes on 16 of the 45 major planetary systems. We hope you choke.

Goodbye and sweet dreams.