<theres been a leak>

<oh my god. am i safe?>

<you are under thirteen feet of reinforced concrete of course you are>

<oh good. thirteen isnt that an unlucky number? lets make it fourteen just to be on the safe side shall we>

<but mr. wedleworth what about the workers, their families, your family?>

<yes i can see how that could be a problem. but my secretary is with me thats something. and as for the rest of them we could always increase our budget for our 'helping the community' program>

<no one will believe us>

<im sure the government will support us>

<there is no community left dont you understand?>

<and that could be the basis of our new campaign>


<well we could say we're starting a new community a new way of life. we could start again employ new workers>

<the radiation?>

<we could always go somewhere else start a new where the pollution rules are easier to bypass>

<are you insane?>

<no im a fatcatbusinessman>