Journal of Real Stuff
Issue 13
Pages 67 - 76

The Ramafications of Electrification


The electrification of radios and also other forms of telecommunication has been widely discussed by Hague: 'Thesis on the Real World' (1967), published in the journal of real stuff, issue 11, pages 31 - 34. However this paper mainly centres around the psychoanalytical processes formulated from the study rather that the moral and ethical considerations of pumping a so-called 'electical appliance' with dangerously high volumes of electricity. This action leaves the appliance disorientated and jellylike shivering without taking into account the pain of 240V pulsating through the circuitry. It should also be noted that around nineteen radios are now seeking legal advice and are forming a 'union of abused appliances' (UAA) with the intent of sueing the electricity board of supplying their owners with a substance which caused them pain. The leader of the UAA campaign to stop pluging-in is a bosch 788 electric toaster who is said to have suffered 22 years of abuse from a pensioner and alleges that he ate toast at least once a day. It really is an appliance of science.

Not all electrical appliances complain or even suffer these side effects from prolonged exposure to electricity but surely if there is a chance of inflicting grave discomfort the action should be outlawed? You are faced with a ethical dilemma which only you may decide for yourself: