vague S P A C I A L perceptions


the 25th jan 2000

the whole idea of the year 2k is begining 2 bore me. so is the jenny twigg situation on flecks site. so is life. i think ill opt 4 something far more entertaining. there is now a webring but at the moment it does not fit the fat fingers of my website yet so until this is fixed i guess youll have 2 stay here with me. and the fairies. and their cakes. but at least they r nice cakes not like those ones with turnips in. i have no idea y all the world could c some of the html script on my website i felt naked. so i put on some clothes. neway i hope it is fixed now. i best go and play in the road.

the 11th jan 2000

okay so my pictures didnt work 2 well. i lost my head and im sorry but now i think everything works. if it doesnt please tell me {godno13@aol.com} cos i really want 2 know all the times ive screwed up. anyway i best go and fiddle around with the vcr.

the 9th jan 2000

i didnt get a fucking bouncing tigger. and the world didnt end so it was kind of pointless 4 me 2 sell all the clothes i have and wander naked in the streets on new years eve. lucky i didnt then. much. i found out what is wrong with sidcup. all computers have a desire 2 go there and rule over the people. its the only place where they have the potential 2 b superior.

the 18th dec 1999

its not often that i have ne idea of whats really going on. i dont now for example. i mean i just spent a few hours creating a webpage which i dont know how 2 publish onto the web. oh well. i just spent a few hours creating a webpage which is mostly full of crap. am i just reflecting the world i live in or have i gone crazy. and what is with sidcup neway? and now theres only 7 days till christmas. one week. i hope i get a bouncing tigger.