>how r u?

>i wrote this site you know?

>oh, i suppose u do.

{i guess ill write some more crap then}


my name is steve. i live near hitchin. which is nice. lots of nice people. i like music. radiohead. i could list more but i wont. im 16 and i do psychology [in a vain attempt 2 establish certainty of my own sanity], physics [2 keep me from establishing it], mechanics [as its harder than stats, no really] and computing []. i suppose i should really use my skills and create an astetically pleasing website. but im a lazy bastard and it would be 2 neat. and not at all related 2 life. i spend half of my life thinking. another half eating, drinking and sleeping. the rest is dedicated 2 pragmatism and doing stuff.

if i know u, hi. if i don't, hi. if u r not sure hi neway. in the real world im quiet. i would called it being reserved. but im not so i wont. i could blame it on the idea that 2 many comments come in2 my head in response 2 a question and i cant pick 1. nice idea. wrong head. nevermind. i do that a lot 2. diverge from what i was talking about in2 a new realm of rapida nonsensica. like the noggins. but thats a different story.

im jumping on the bandwagon by writing a website. fleck and matt have one, jimmy has another, and gordon is just greedy as he has two. one here. one there. if you decide 2 visit these far off lands please come back. i need the company. you could email {HEREHEREHERE} me. i will read it. i may respond. i might just sit and watch it and perhaps it will go away. float in2 obscurity or something. or in2 my vcr.

i think i may b driven by the desire 2 b misunderstood. but dont hold me 2 that. bye.