<BoOKinG ArRanGEmEntS>

i wouldnt like to comment

[or i would but i won't]

it is scary

[scares me shitless anyway]

see you in newquay then

[so long as i dont see you first]

another year of crawling across pipes

[oh no, that stain will never come out]

and lots of drinking

[and perhaps more tendons for rohan to play with]

and watching the coastguards 'helping'

["well, what we want to do, you see, is get him down...ladies..."]

and playing with rocks and muscles

[they were already dead]

and potting white balls in after black

[i know its pool, but whats the aim of it?]

and talking to the dog man

[well i wouldn't call it harassment i mean it is a nice dog]

and lots of drinking

[and perhaps more benches for sleeping on]

and someone's heavy bag

[lets go up the hill, lets go down the hill]

and che guervara

[who the fuck is he anyway]

and washing up

[no43 at your service master]

and crazy mixed up psychos with knives

[i'm gonna stab you]

and crazy mixed up psychos with back to front shirts

[and where were the trousers?]

and rage against the machine

[fuck you i wont do what you tell me, well actually i probably will]

and lots of drinking

[going halves, thats 50:50 not 20:80]

and junkies

[someone broke dick]

and the tide

[we'll be able to just nip across the beach]

and waldowillystripethegaygimpwombatslaveno43fftsch!fttsch!coldbeanmonster

[just in case you forgot]

<MoRE SuGGesTiONs WeLCome>