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Catching Trains & Eating Chicken

Set in Manchester, though in a district strangely unfamilar. Katie and I walk down a street. Scaffolding supports the buildings around us. The street name seems to be something to do with puddings. We are heading to a train station. I inform Katie of my desire for a burger. We decide to head down a side street to cut through an underpass and so reach a suitable vendor. At the end of the underpass is a policeman, or perhaps he is just security. In any case a queue has developed whereby those may only pass in the direction of the station and my burger vendors by showing the man some ID. I have none. Luckily Katie does and she persuades the man to let me through, convincing him that my burger plea was real. For some reason I suddenly realise my father is going to meet us at exactly this point.

As I am still hungry I ask Katie to wait and head off to the KFC (having decided chicken pieces would be nicer than a burger). Once there I chose a meal costing about five pounds. As the staff prepare my culinary delight I notice that my father has arrived. I run out to greet him. After pleasantries are dispensed with I lead him back to KFC only to discover the staff have given my meal to a canny doppleganger. I try to explain my case to a strangely sympathetic manger and two employees. Perhaps this sort of thing happens a lot around here? Although distressed they explain that there is nothing they can do. I plead to no avail. The buttons on their cash register will not permit raising another order due to the appearance of a doppleganger. Hunger grips my stomach but eventually I am forced to leave the restaurant empty handed. I give up and return home.

In retrospect later that evening I ponder why a doppleganger would steal my five pound chicken pieces meal and perhaps more importantly why I was going to the station in the first place.

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