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Cameras Flashing

(Like an Idea Track)

Camera leads man walking along. Possibly down a carnival type street. Mud track. Perhaps there's multiple scenes in a city and so forth. Continuity implies it will always be busy with extras wearing appropriate clothing for the situation. At any rate camera leads man. Passers-by pass by. In the background there's two people with a disposable camera. View changes to that of lead walking. The photographers (offscreen) take a picture !! MAGNESIUM FLASH !! For split second the screen goes white and solarises back again. In that split second however all the people change to an x-ray image. Camera goes back to lead position. Man does not look concerned. It happens again. Concern increases. Third occurance. This time man in background fails to present x-ray skeleton image upon flash. Looks evil. Perhaps instead the eyes glow red on the flash. In any case lead looks worried. Starts to speed up. Up ahead camera pans to an old style camera. With black cover, proper stand and man bent down !! MAGNESIUM FLASH !! This time the x-ray images remain and the evil man in background starts to chase the lead. Pure terror. Lead grabs camera off passer-by and desperately tries to x-ray the stalker. Keeps trying. Nothing. Stalker gets closer. Tries again. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Stalker closes in.


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