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At the Station

Phil and I are standing at a busy train terminus. I see you across the tracks. Not only do I see you I see him with you. I try to hide. However as a grand master of incomprehensible signs of continued devotion I decide to run across the six train lines between us. Then I shall declare my love to you and everything will be alright.

Whilst dodging a goods train eastbound on the fifth track in my quest I step back. Imagine my horror when I realise too late a westbound passenger train is travelling at a great pace down the forth track which I have just stepped onto. The shocked look on the passenger driver's face is imprinted on my mind forever. There is a chill in the air.

Crossing the track yields no other outcome than the angry shouts of a conductor with nothing better to do than worry for my safety. I get to you. My show of devotion is complete though you seem non-plussed. Why are you holding a guitar anyway? Another thing I could never comprehend. So I stand there next to you and there he is, calling to you to get on the train with him. You smile at me. You actually smile at me, thats got to be a good sign. I can still make you smile. Fuck that stay here at our beautiful place by the river you dont need all his crap to be happy.

Oh, I guess you do.

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