drawing half daises

the brain is the most complex, most undefinable and most unpredictable invention of a madman. at least it is in my head...

damage to different brain areas will affect different mental abilities. some forms of damage bias attention towards one side of space (usually the left), even though 'neglected' events there still activate some parts of their brain. such patients may ignore people approaching from the neglected side of space, will eat food from only half of their plate, shave or make-up only one side of their face, and miss words or letters on the affected side when reading. curiously, patients with such spatial neglect for one side often do not realize they are missing anything; it is as though the affected side of space no longer exists for them. even when a stoke has paralyzed patients on the affected side of their body, they may be unaware of this if they also suffer from spatial neglect. artwork by the patients provides vivid testament to their spacial bias (figure 2). the research team is seeking to understand such disorders by relating them to the affects of perception and brain activity, as also observed in healthy people.

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